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Renee Sopko
Wealth Advisor

Renee joined the Crux Wealth Advisors team in 2021 as a Wealth Advisor at our Long Beach, CA office. She has a critical role on our team and takes a comprehensive approach when working with her clients.

Renee’s friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and desire to see her client’s goals achieved are apparent through the commitment and dedication she has for her clients and career. She has the distinct ability to take complex financial circumstances and break them into comprehendible, handcrafted investment strategies that are well defined with clear timelines, actions, and desired outcomes. By actively engaging with her clients, she ensures that they remain on track with their goals.

It’s not by chance that Renee finds herself working in the wealth management industry. She has always been interested in investing in stocks due to their ever-evolving nature, which must be constantly evaluated. Renee also has a passion for connecting with and helping others. Her drive to provide excellent customer service combined with assessing multifaceted financial scenarios is where she thrives.

Before joining our team, Renee gained extensive experience as a Wealth Advisor and Vice President with Merrill Lynch in the Portland, OR, and Spokane, WA offices from 1997-2021. Renee graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and earned her MBA from the University of Portland in Portland, OR.

Renee Sopko

I live in Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, which I find to be an exquisitely picturesque location replete with magnificent horses, towering Ponderosa pines, and snow-capped mountains. I make it a daily routine to venture outdoors for a rejuvenating walk amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

Currently, I am investing my time in cultivating good health, which includes adopting a plant-based dietary regimen and honing my culinary skills. Additionally, I find great delight in taking long nature trail walks daily.

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