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Lars Petersen
Financial Advisor, RJFS

Lars joined Larsen Wealth Management, an affiliate of Crux Wealth Advisors (2021), located in Scottsdale, AZ, in 2020 as a Financial Advisor. He plays a vital role on our team and focuses on managing assets and helping build investment portfolios that align with each of our client’s individual goals and risk tolerance. Lars takes a holistic approach to his work because he understands and appreciates the many factors that must be taken into account to develop an individualized plan to reach financial goals.

Beyond his role, Lars has a unique and personal connection to our team and the industry. When he was just 12 years old, he began investing with John Larsen, our Senior Vice President of Larsen Wealth Management. By establishing a core understanding of the importance of planning and saving strategically, he was inspired at an early age to do the same for others to create a lasting impact on their life and legacy.

Lars works tirelessly for his clients and ensures he is always up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations in an ever-changing industry through his commitment to professional development and education. In addition to his advisor responsibilities, he also provides marketing support for our team. He is continuously looking for ways in which value-added service can be included to enhance our client’s experience with our team.

Before joining Raymond James, Lars worked for CAR Financial Services, a subsidiary of Atlanticus Holdings Corporation, where he dealt with financing in the used auto loan industry. Lars attended Northern Arizona University, where he majored in Exercise Science and was a lacrosse team member while also serving as team president.

Lars Petersen

When I’m not at work pursuing one of my passions, you can often find me focused on one of my other lifelong passions, lacrosse. I am very active in the local lacrosse community. I coach lacrosse, and I’m very proud that I plan to play lacrosse for Team Norway in the 2022 World Games. In addition to keeping active, I love the team aspect of the game and the bonds formed through the sport. When I’m at home, I enjoy doing projects around the house and working on cars – anything that includes fixing things.

I have lived in Phoenix my entire life, and fortunate that I have the chance to regularly travel to both Norway and Denmark to visit my family. Being of Scandinavian descent, I am trilingual and speak Norwegian, Danish, and English.

I am very lucky to have not only a fantastic career that I find rewarding but an equally great personal support system that has made for a fulfilling life, and I look forward to fantastic adventures ahead!

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